Whale Tailing Thong Trend is Making a Loud Comeback

Trends come and go but honestly some trends just need to go, go far away! Most of us hate the idea of wearing a thong panty and only wear for occasions that absolutely require no visible panty lines.

Thongs serve a purpose but there is no way to deny the fact they are highly uncomfortable. If you feel like you have a wedgie, it is because that what thongs are designed to do with that thin piece of fabric that settles deeper and deeper in your crack.

But the Whale Tail thong takes your thong to a whole new level by showing off your G-strings out of the top of your trousers. You actually want others to know that you are extremely uncomfortable and have a wedgie.

As bizarre as it sounds, this retro nineties trend is making a comeback. High-cut bikinis are all the rage this summer and celebrities have started wearing their high-cut G-strings away from the pool. Celebrities such as Haley Baldwin, J-Lo, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and many more have been displaying their Whale Tails recently.

Kylie Jenner posted a snap of herself on her Instagram account of her Whale Tail last month.


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Designer brands are jumping on to this trend, by creating ensembles that show off the high-cut silhouette. Such as these Natasha Zinko matching plaid trousers and thong set that Jennifer Lopez wore while on set with DJ Khaled.



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Hailey Baldwin wore an Alexander Wang gown with the focal point being the built-in Whale Tail to the Met Gala this year. We must admit that she looks amazing. Maybe this is why Whale tailing is actually becoming a trend?

Kendall Jenner decided that playing peek-a-boo with her Whale Tail wasn’t enough and she decided to put her lingerie on full display for the Met Gala.

The American actress Alexa Demie was spotted with a Whale Tail on the red carpet just a few weeks ago. We are definitely seeing a trend here with Whale Tailing.

The beautiful Bella Hadid strutted her stuff at the Versace catwalk this June, showing off her G-string thong panties.

Of course, Kim Kardashian is a big fan of this trend. She posted a picture of herself wearing a Gucci G-string. Does that look uncomfortable?



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After checking out these posts, we have accepted the reality – Whale Tales are a fashion trend and are here to stay. We love most retro fashion trends such as bell-bottoms, beaded necklaces, jelly sandals and big oversized bucket hats but this Whale Tailing trend is just plain baffling.

As much as we wish this trend would stay in the nineties, it seems that it is going to make a big reappearance for this fall, 2019. So pull out your low-rise jeans and trousers and get ready to show off some serious sex appeal.

The question is: Will you be following this trend this fall or will you stick to trends that don’t involve displaying your underwear choice to the world?

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