Tips and tricks on using bridal tights

If you are planning your special wedding day, your mind is probably buzzing with details to do with caterers, venues, wedding flowers, the cake and of course, your wedding dress.

The wedding dress is the star of the entire event. But before you say, “I do”, you need to give some attention to what you wear under the gown. We don’t mean the obvious components such as the veil, shoes and accessories but the undergarments such as hosiery wedding.

Let us help you focus on one of the most important items for your wedding but often the most forgotten. Here is how you can choose it, wear it and prevent pantyhose mishaps that every bride dreads.

Bare your heart and soul but not those legs

There are only two reasons why you shouldn’t be wearing tights on your wedding day: First one is that if you are getting married on the beach and second one is if you are getting married in a very humid, hot environment with zero AC. All other times, hosiery is a must have for your wedding day.

Why should you wear in on your special day?

  1. You will feel secure, as it will hold all of your wiggly pieces in place.
  2. Your dress will sit better and smoother on your body.
  3. Your dress won’t cling or crinkle as you walk or dress.
  4. It will prevent thigh chafing no matter how much dancing you will do.
  5. They will make your shoes so much more comfortable, which is a must considering you will be on your feet for the entire day.
  6. Your legs will look hundred times sexier in the pictures, especially if you are wearing a garter.
  7. Also, if you will actually have a garter to throw and toss into the waiting crowd.

bridal hosiery

How to choose the ideal bridal hosiery

Now, that you have finally realized that you need to wear tights on your wedding day, here is everything you need to know about choosing the ideal pair for you and your wedding gown.

With most undergarments, match them as closely as possible to your skin tone. Some brides like to wear a pale sheer white or silvery tone to make their garter pop in the pictures.

But be careful to avoid shiny sheers that might look off, on camera. Make sure by taking a picture with your cell phone camera to see if it gives off a strange, ugly hue before purchasing them.

The silhouette and fabric of your dress will play important part in the type of women’s tights you will need to wear under the gown. Whatever style you choose make sure that you try them out before, under the dress to see how they look.

For example, if you are wearing a form-fitting gown, then you wear a pair with tummy control panels and a seamless waistband. If you have a dropped waist on your gown, then make sure that you wear a high-waist style with light tummy compression.

You can wear a removable garter over your stockings or an actual garter with thigh-hips. The choice is up to you.

How to avoid run-away bridal stockings

The groom’s greatest fear is a run-away bride but every bride’s worst fear is the run-away stockings. Here is how to avoid this from ruining your picture perfect look.

  • Buy a good quality pair, not just some cheap last minute version from your local supermarket.
  • Read reviews from real people
  • Buy at least two pairs – the extra as a back up for an emergency run or tear on your wedding day.
  • Freeze them before hand by wetting then in cold water, wringing out excess water and freeze, then defrost before putting them on.
  • Put them on with plastic disposable gloves to avoid your long nails from tearing them

By being prepared, your hosiery will be one of the key elements for looking your best in your cherished wedding pictures.

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