The best shapewear in America that’ll actually transform you


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Miraclesuit won award after award last year for creating the overall best shapewear available but let’s check out the two the runner-ups and why you need to start wearing shapewear today!

Get ready to beat the bloat and look amazing – no matter how much you’ve indulged. Life is about indulging, and honestly, why shouldn’t we indulge a little? We have lots to celebrate.

The best part is thanks to shapewear, you can still look amazing – and most importantly feel amazing – without body shaming yourself for eating that whole box of Valentine chocolates.

Shapewear is the simple solution for slimming up and dropping a dress size instantly – without the need to diet!

Women everywhere love how shapewear can transform their curves and boost their confidence.

The best thing about shapewear is that it is completely acceptable to wear at any age. Even our favorite celebrities flaunt the fact that their impeccable style is due to a little shaping undergarment.

Top three shapewear brands – 2019

Shapewear is a little like us, comes in all shapes, sizes and styles, which makes choosing the best shapewear brands a challenge. For this reason, we focused on the following criteria to discover the top three-shapewear brands.

1. Comfort
2. Style and fit
3. Premium quality material
4. Customer reviews
5. Overall product value

We are positive after reading out in-depth, thorough reviews that you will never again waste your money on an uncomfortable piece of shapewear.

Co’Coon Shapewear

For over 35 years, Co’Coon Shapewear has been a leader in women’s control shapewear. Just last year, they were voted the best shapewear brand in United States. They are dedicated to creating a wide variety of functional, comfortable and affordable shapewear products.

Co’Coon recognizes that every woman is uniquely different, which is why they offer a wide variety of shapewear products such as waist cinchers, shaping bodysuits, control slips and so much more. All of their styles come in standard sizes, plus-sizes and a variety of colors.

Check out some of Co’Coon’s best sellers:


Boost your confidence with a Shapers Skin Care Body Molding Bodysuit


Give yourself some butt-lifting attention with this Cocoon ShapEager

Miraclesuit Shapewear

Miraclesuit has been considered to be the number brand of shapewear for the last two years, due to the powerful but lightweight compression material used in making their products.

Miraclesuit is exactly what you have been waiting from a shapewear line. Using an innovative blend of materials to create the ideal control garment that will move with you and not against you. Their motto is “comfort in motion” so you can feel comfortable all day long.

All of their shapewear products come with zero ride up guarantee due to their revolutionary silicone hemline. Plus they have an extensive variety of sizes, so every woman can look incredibly sleek without being uncomfortable.

Check out some Miracalesuit best sellers:


Extra Firm Sexy Sheer Step-In Waist Cincher

Miraclesuit shaper

Miraclesuit® Sexy Sheer Shaping Hi-Waist Slip

Yummie Shapewear

This Oprah-approved slimming shapewear is all about embracing your curves. Yummie Shapewear belives every woman has the right to feel comfortable, look amazing and feel confident – everyday of the week.

Yummie’s innovative designs are all about feeling comfortable and enhancing your natural curves. All of their products go through an intensive engineering process and wearing process, if it doesn’t feel comfortable, it doesn’t get manufactured. Let Yummie hug your curves and shape your body perfectly.

Check out some of Yummie’s best sellers:

yummie High-Waist-Short

Yummie Women’s Plus Size Cleo High Waist Short

Yummie- Control-Thigh-Shaper

Yummie Women’s Hidden Curve High Waist Firm Control Thigh Shaper Shapewear

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