Suggestions to stay motivated to actually go to the gym

It is not unusual to have a friend or family member pay for a whole month’s gym pass but they don’t even brother going to use the facilities or their equipment. In other words, they spent money and lost out on a great opportunity, as exercising is vital for their health and overall wellbeing. Sadly, this is a common problem, but we are going to share with you some useful suggestions to keep you motivated to go to the gym. This will help you have a better lifestyle, a healthier body, a positive outlook on life and more energy to face each day and your job.

To begin, having your partner, friend or a relative join you in exercising can be an excellent motivator during your workout routine at the gym. Often we just need that extra push, by encouraging words that means so much coming from someone you know and respect to get motivated. Especially, if you see you friend losing weight and looking better and better weekly, it will inspire you to push yourself even harder, as long as this motivates you to exercise, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition.

Many gyms are aware of the fact that people love to exercise together, for this reason they often offer packages for two or more people. Your pocketbook will thank you for taking advantage of this type of offer, as you will save some extra money and still get the exercise you need.

Say goodbye to routines to keep motivated in going to the gym

Another valuable and practical suggestions is to avoid an exercise routine of always doing the same workout each time you go the gym Little by little, personal trainers are realizing that motivation is vital for their clients and often recommend following a series of exercises to them. For obvious reasons, if you are motivated, learning and doing new things, it is normal to do more, and you will want to push forth effort to do your best and will want to redo it again in the following days.

If your plan is to go often to the gym, then ask your instructor to make up a variety of exercises for you for each day of the week that you plan to go to the gym, for example, try focusing on legs, another day arms or another day, try hitting the treadmill. If your gym is well equipped, then you should jump into their swimming pool and do some laps. Or mix it up by taking a fitness class such as spinning, dance, yoga or whatever gets you to be motivated and you enjoy doing.

Try having short-term and medium-term goals. If you are trying to lose 20 pounds, this might take a little more time and in case that you don’t see a drop on the scale that you desire within the first week, this could be quite discouraging. But this is no reason to give up. Ideally, to lose weight without losing motivation, you will need to make a weekly goal, this will help you have a purpose that is reachable each week, make time pass faster and keep you motivated.

Exercise isn’t all about losing weight. If you want to be stronger, you can try lifting heavier weights – but always with the aid of a professional – or try a series of complex workouts. If you run for 30 minutes on the treadmill, then you can try for 40 minutes the following week, then 50 minutes the following month and a hour a month after that. Your workouts should be as progressive as climbing a ladder, this will help to avoid injury, another reason why many people become unmotivated and stop going to the gym.

Going to the gym doesn’t have to be a tedious chore, if it was nobody would last more than a few hours at the gym before giving up. Just find what type of exercises you enjoy doing and be willing to challenge yourself each time you go to the gym.

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