Spanx being sued by small business for Copyright infringement

On your computer, type in “arm tights” or “arm sleeves”, and see how many companies are selling different versions of an arm sleeve.

I never knew they even existed, until I read an article about a small company who has taken a much bigger company to court, claiming that they had copied their product and accused them of false advertising. The old story of the tiny man versus the huge giant.

Apparently, the successful husband/wife team, R and A Synergy, are the little man. The giant apparently is Spanx, the leader in the fashion world of shapewear. The complaint alleges that Spanx’s latest product, Arm Tights, is an exact copy of R and A Synergy’s Sleevey Wonders, which they claim to be the first slip-on sleeves brand and was made to wear under sleeveless and strapless tops.

The fact is that R and A has proof that Spanx actually ordered two pairs of Sleevey Wonders and had them sent to the Spanx office, four years before they launched their Arm Tights.

The concept is interesting-a sleeve to wear under a sleeveless top or dress. What a great idea! It adds so much variety to your wardrobe. Instead of a dress with no sleeves and having to wear a jacket or sweater, just wear your arm sleeve! Like tights! And your arms are hidden, not that naked look when you need a more dressed up appearance. And, the bonus is that the arm tights hide the flab.


Spanx advertise that their Arm Tights “smush any excess fat and suction it in and smooth it out”.

In turn, R and A Synergy created what they call “a new product category of stylish interchangeable sleeves that transform wardrobes and beautify women of all ages and sizes.”

But, getting back to the aforementioned original computer search of the term, arm sleeve. After much scrolling and reading, the conclusion is that there are many more companies selling this same concept but they aren’t claiming that they invented as Spanx did.

I checked out other brands that sell similar products and offer the same quality but at more affordable prices than Spanx. There’s a lot of competition out there!

Check these out these companies:


It will be interesting to see the final outcome of the lawsuit. Both sides will be lined up, eagerly hoping for their side to win and each believing they are right and probably, justifiably so.

R and A and Spanx did not “create” the concept of this new fashion statement. As stated in Forbes article about this lawsuit this is just “an antique idea with a new package.” I would guess somewhere in history, some woman made for herself her version of an “arm sleeve”.

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