Met Gala 2019 – How did Kim Kardashian get into her gown?


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The Met Gala 2019 did not disappoint onlookers but, one of the guests stunned the world with her “dripping wet” dress that highlighted an extremely small waistline. Kim always steals the red carpet at the Met Gala but this year she went above and beyond.

The Met Gala takes place each year on the first Monday of May and this year’s theme was Camp: Notes on Fashion. Now, for those of us that are not literature scholars, “Camp” has nothing to do with camping.

The theme is based on an essay written by Susan Sontag, which was entitled Notes on Camp. She described “Camp” as a seriousness that fails or serious of random expressions. It is not just about superficial things such as gay men and transvestites. But it is also about posing and dressing up and acting out of sorts, even taking the impossible and making it possible.

Kim Kardashian embraced this year’s theme by asking Thierry Mugler to create a dress that looked as if she was dripping wet. Her look was based on a vintage old picture of Sophia Loren while filming the 1957 film called “Boy on a Dolphin.” Sophia was wearing a short shirtdress that was dripping wet as she emerged from the ocean.

Kim’s dress received quite a bit of criticism for her dress, with fashion stylists saying she didn’t follow this year’s camp theme. But we believe she embodied the theme perfectly, especially since the designer Thierry Mugler basically put camp on the fashion map.

Now, if you thought her dress unnaturally uncomfortable, then you need to watch her video of getting laced up into probably one of the world’s tightest corsets.

She wore a tummy-cinching corset that required three men just to lace it up! Kim revealed to the world that she wouldn’t be sitting down for dinner, because she couldn’t sit down with this corset on. Plus, she was praying she wouldn’t have to go pee.

Underneath the tummy-cinching corset she wore a pair of shapewear to perfect her flawless look down through her thighs. She said she didn’t have time to prepare for this year’s Met Gala because she has been cramming for the seven months for her Bar Exam. Yes, Kim is aspiring to be a lawyer.

A few days before the big Gala event, Kim gave herself all of the best beauty treatments a girl can get, such as endless facials, Korean spa scrubs and body spray tan.

Kim Kardashian recalls how her fairytale life has evolved from when she attended her first Met Gala event in 2013 as West’s plus one. She remembers that she did her own makeup and felt so insecure about herself.

So, what will Kim Kardashian being doing the rest of this year? Well, according to her video, she will be eating at least two-dozen doughnuts after the event! She had even had them preordered.

Whatever the critics say, Kim Kardashian looked amazing in her wet and wild dress this year. Plus, she showed us how powerful she really is.


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