Kim Kardashian reveals why she is unable to get pregnant again and had to use a surrogate

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West faced heavy criticism for using a surrogate to give birth to her last son, Psalm, who was born May 10, 2019. But almost six months later she is able to share her very personal reasons for this difficult decision.

She discussed her health complications after two of her pregnancies and how this was part of her journey to being a mother. She shared all of these personal details on video for her shapewear collection, SKIMS.

Kim Kardashian West has four beautiful children, her first daughter, North was born in 2013, and then her son, Saint was born in 2015. Then though surrogacy she gave birth to her daughter Chicago in 2018. Also in 2019, via a surrogate they welcomed their youngest son, Psalm into their family.

In the video, Kim starts off explaining how she suffered with her first child, North from a condition called preeclampsia (toxemia). Preeclampsia causes the expecting mother’s organs to shut down one after another and it can only be halted by immediately delivering the baby.

Kim Kardashian was forced into emergency labor at only 34 weeks and a half, which resulted in a premature birth of her baby girl, North. Being born six weeks too early, her son North hadn’t fully developed inside of Kim’s womb and only weighed four pounds when she was born. But that wasn’t the only concern that Kim had to face, as the surgeons had discovered that they were unable to remove her placenta, as it had grown around her uterus.

This caused extensive damage to her uterus that required her to undergo five surgeries to repair the damage. Despite the risks after giving birth to North, Kim and her husband, Kayne West was convinced that they wanted more children. Under their doctor’s suggestion, they had her eggs frozen just in case.

Thanks to listening to her doctor’s advice, she was able to use one of her frozen eggs to get pregnant with her second child, Saint. But at that point she only had two embryos leftover. But the same health condition she faced with her first child resurfaced again with her second child. After giving birth to her son Saint, she needed five different surgeries on her womb within 18 months.

Despite having three troublesome pregnancies and life-threatening surgeries, she kept up her appearances for the outside world and filming her reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s.”

After her second child, her doctor’s refused to let Kim Kardashian have any more children because there were too many risks involved. They told Kim that if they would put an embryo inside of her, it would be considered malpractice. We can’t even imagine what an emotional and trying time this was for Kim and Kayne.

After much consideration, Kim and Kayne started looking surrogates to birth the last two embryos. In the video, Kim proudly proclaims her love for all of her children despite who they entered into this world. Kim Kardashian always desired to have a big family, such as that she grew up in. Also, she admits that she wouldn’t change anything, even the painful operations, with that statement Kim Kardashian basically summed up motherhood in a few words.

Fans and critics alike, have applauded Kim for her heartfelt and sincere video about her painful choices for motherhood.

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