How to get perfect hair everyday – Foolproof suggestions you need to adopt

We put our hair though the ringer daily with all of our hair-blowing, chemical treatments such as coloring and flat ironing plus all of the different products we apply to it. Our hair can only take so much before it begins to show signs of damage such as those split ends or uncontrollable frizz.

There’s no need to chop it all off and grow it out again. You can reverse the damage and prevent it from happening. We are going to address five common mistakes that we make and how to repair the damage to bringing that lost luster to your hair.

perfect hair

Mistake: You are over-washing your hair

Over washing your hair can strip your hair of essential natural oils that give your hair that brilliant healthy shine. If you have color-treated hair, over-washing can also dull the vibrancy of your hair color.

Solution: wash your hair as often as you need to. Generally as rule a thumb, wash your hair every day if you live in a area with lots of pollution or if you work out daily. The best scenario is washing your hair every three days to keep it in tip-top shape. If you have oily hair, look for a hydrating shampoo because your scalp might be producing more oil due to the dryness.

Mistake: You are using the same shampoo and conditioner for the past ten years

What would you say to someone who has been following the same workout routine for the last ten years? We’d tell them switch it up to give their body a workout that will actually be effective. Once your hair gets used to a shampoo and conditioner it begins to build up a residue that can leave your hair flat.

Solution: if you really love the products you are using, then try using anti-residue shampoo once a month to give your hair a clean slate to work with. But if you are willing to change up your routine, then try some different brands that attack specific issues such as limp, dry, frizzy, etc.

Mistake: Your brushing your hair all wrong

Are you still brushing your hair when it’s dry? Dry hair is more brittle and fragile than wet hair, so it can easily be torn or tangled. Plus, brushing dry hair can cause huge amounts of frizz.

Solution: never tug your brush though your hair, instead lightly work out your knots by starting at the bottom working your way up. When trying to remove tangles, only use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair and if you must brush your dry hair, then use a brush. To prevent frizzy hair, change the way you are towel drying your hair, by gently blotting your hair instead of vigorously drying your hair.

Mistake: You are using too hot styling tools

Excess heat can cause some serious damage to your hair, leaving your hair dry, brittle and frizzy, making it almost impossible to style.

Solution: let your hair’s thickness decide which heat setting to use on your hair. The thinner the hair, the more gentle the setting. When purchasing heat tools such as a blow dryer or flat iron, look for brands that provide an adaptable setting for the heat. Always apply a heat protectant to your hair before using any type of heat styling tool, it will protect your hair from damage and seals in your natural shine and prevents it from getting frizzy.

Mistake: You are overdoing it with chemical treatments

Relaxing, straightening, perms and dying your hair can seriously stress it out. Just think about what junk food does to your body, all those chemicals wreaking havoc on your body, the same goes for over-processing your hair.

Solution: limit how often you do chemical treatments; if you must do them regularly, make sure you give your hair a rest of at least six to eight weeks in between. Plus, avoid doing two chemical treatments on the same day such as dying your hair then relaxing it.

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