How to choose the best type of swimwear for your body type?

I’m in the mall, heading for the ladies swimwear section and I’m thinking about my pear shaped body and how I have to find a swimsuit for that shape. The only thing worse than going the dentist is trying to find a cute bathing suit that actually looks good on your body and not just the mannequin.

There is a new science to buying swimsuits for women now. Get on the next wave of the swimsuit revolution. It doesn’t matter if you’re petite or tall, wide or skinny, big boobs or small, there’s perfect swimwear for your body type. The result is that we can all look fantastic the next time we are at the beach or pool.

Let’s be honest. We all want to look smoking hot in one of this years fantastic two-piece swimsuits designs. No one wants to look like a mom in her one-piece with her mommy tummy being the main focus.

But how can you find the correct style of ladies swimwear for your body type?

Briefly, here is a very basic list to help you decide which body type you are before you run out and buy some tummy-control supportive swimsuit, you can shop them on chamela swimwear.

The most common one is the pear shape, narrow at top and bigger on the bottom.

Next common one is the apple shape, bigger at the top than bottom.

Next is the banana, straight, or athletic body.

The hourglass shape is when the top and bottom are equal but with a defined waist.

All the other issues we need to deal with

Other body issues that the right slimming bathing suits will minimize or maximize and help flatter, include the famous tummy bulge, your height-tall or short, your body size, plus-size, small or large boobs or no curves, big waist or no waist. You get the idea, all our unique, personal pet peeves.

body type

Should you get a bikini swimwear or a one-piece swimsuit?

Summed up –YES! To all body types! You can choose either, as long as you adapt your choice to some of your body issues.

Find the bikini, two-piece, tankini or the one-piece swimsuit that flatters your particular shape and follow the tips suggested below. You also find flattering plus-size swimsuits that look great too.

Good example for us is the celebrities who have been flaunting their bodies, celebrating what they have and wowing everyone at the beach. Some have been sizzling hot in even this yera’s classic must have – the tummy control swimsuit.

Here are some simple tips to choose the best swimwear for your body type.

  • Pear Shape: Balance your top with the bottom. Ensure coverage for your bottom. Use high-waisted bottoms and plunging necklines. Look for designs using colours, and anything that takes the eye up and away from your bottom.
  • Apple Shape: Support is key. Choose underwire or molded cups. Don’t bring extra attention to bust. Look for bra-like support, with thick straps, back support. Halter-tops and ruched, bandeau tops are effective. Take the eyes down and away from the top.
  • Banana Shape: Add curves to top and bottom, using bold prints, bright colours, ruffles and padded push-up bras. Classic bikini is perfect. One-piece with a deep V front is major WOW! Be sure to try on a slimming bathing with built control panels for that hourglass figure.
  • Hour Glass Shape: Ensure needed support and avoid string bikinis or bringing attention to your wide areas. Colour blocking, high-waists, boxy halter tops all help highlight curvy shape. Play up the waist with high-cut bottoms.

What about help for our bulges and jiggly parts? A very common issue is the tummy. Am I right? Many brands of shapewear have been designed to deal with tummy control and now have been introduced to our swimwear.

We now have a vast array of gorgeous, slimming bathing suits that flatter and flatten our silhouette. Shirring and ruching are examples of little designs that help disguise our bulges. Plus-size swimwear slims and firms our bulges. A special tummy control panel is added to smooth and support.

If you need some help diminishing your waist, look for a supportive swimsuit with firming techniques. For jiggle control, keep your tummy and butt firm and slim with a control panel added to ladies swimwear,

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