How to choose the best hairstyle to get all the attention

A recent study performed by Pantene, discovered that 87% of men consider that a woman’s hairstyle is important in evaluating her overall appearance. So, men really do notice the little details, but the question is: is your hairstyle attracting the right attention?

So, they asked real guys what looks they love to see on women right now. Here are their top picks and one look that they hate!

women hairstyle

Head-Turning Hairstyles

Lots of natural texture
We were surprised how many men said that they were bored with straight hair. Saying that they find curls to be unique and mysterious, implicating that she has some spunk and personality.

To flaunt your born-with-it curls, avoid heavy serums that weigh down your hair, instead apply a leave-in conditioner while your hair is still damp. Worried about excess frizz? Don’t touch your hair after applying the leave-in conditioner until it is completely dry, once your hair is dry you can break up the curls with your curls.

Born with straight hair? Get this look by making tight ringlets with your skinny curling iron or flat iron.

Easy wavy hair
Men love hair that looks like its in movement and wavy hair is sexy – as you can easily run your hands through it.

Bring out your hair’s natural bounce by scrunching some mousse into your wet hair, right before blow-drying. If that’s not enough waviness for you, then make a few loose curls with your large-barrel curling iron or with your flat iron and then finger comb them out.

Low-key up-do
Men love this sexy look on women; by getting your hair off your neck it doesn’t only look causal and glamorous but extremely sultry.

To get this look, just twist your hair up in the back and shape it till you love how it looks and pin it back. Apply a tab of hairspray and voila you are ready to go.

Side swept bangs
This one was a surprise for us, as we thought men would want to see our eyes. Men love this look because they feel as if we need protecting and help, plus they can’t resist the urge of gently brushing them out of our eye.

How to get this look? Hold you bangs straight out while you blow-dry, then just swoop them over to the side.

The classic blowout
Who would have known that our favorite look is also their favorite style? A classic blowout gives us perfectly straight hair but with volume.

Don’t feel like paying high-salon prices for a blowout? Do it yourself at home, by applying the nozzle to your drying and pinning your hair up and dry piece by piece for a smoother look.

Perfumed hair
Guys go crazy for scented hair, especially when getting up close and comfortable. But perfume can dry out your strands, leaving you with brittle hair. To avoid this, spritz a little on your nape instead, it will give the same effect without sucking out your hair’s moisture.

Have you ever noticed how Victoria Secret Models look like they have been rolling around in their beds? Well, it’s intentional because men go bonkers over this look.

Recreate this simple look by applying a light mist to your hair when it’s dry and scrunch up and then air-dry.

Haircuts that men hate

Excessively long hair
Excessive long hair is heavy and boring. One gentleman said that he avoids ladies with long hair because he finds they tend to rely on their hair for the personality they lack.

Blunt Bangs
This is the number one hairstyle that men find to be totally unattractive; it looks cold, unfriendly and harsh. Hiding all of the features that they love about us such as our eyes, neck, eyebrows, forehead and collarbone.

Tight Buns
Tight knots might look neat and tidy, but they are not flirty or creative. Actually, men think women who wear them are uptight and perfectionists and should be avoided.

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