How to avoid a sedentary life

The biggest tragedy is when something negative happens and it could have easily been avoided. Regarding health and well-being, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes all have something in common, more than often the individual leads a sedentary lifestyle. It is not a mere coincidence that many organizations and governments are trying prevent a sedentary lifestyle by organizing sport activities, marketing campaigns and even placing taxes upon sweet soft drinks and other foods that are considered to be damaging for our health.

Being sedentary is only one aspect of this lifestyle that is considered to be unhealthy. If it is followed by a bad diet that is based on processed foods, bad quality fat, too many carbohydrates, not much fruit and vegetables, alcohol or even tobacco, stress, lack of sleep, anxiety and depression, all of these factors together are a time bomb waiting to go off.

Doing physical activity in order to improve sleep quality and stop being sedentary is the easiest. The reason is due to the following reasons: quick results, a boost in your self-esteem, more energy to get up and do whatever needs to be done and even your body begins to improve as it becomes more toned and muscular and better posture.

But there is a hormonal matter to consider, which is very important. Exercise liberates endorphins that make you feel happy and motivate you to continue working out. For this reason and others, it’s normal to feel winded and exhausted while working out but minutes later you feel like new again, it is as if you had a second wind or an energy reserve.

For those who are overweight, exercise is the key step in making changes. But we need to be careful not to confuse a sedentary lifestyle with being overweight. There are individuals who have a BMI (body mass index, calculated by their weight and height) that is normal but lead a sedentary lifestyle. If you are one of these individuals, you might not suffer from cardiovascular problems as someone who is obese, but you are not healthy. You might have other problems such as fatigue, bone or joint problems, etc.

For this reason, remember that just because someone has a normal weight doesn’t mean they can stop exercising or stop wasting their time on it and the same goes for being overweight, it doesn’t mean that they are well-nourished.

Those who desire to start exercising but they don’t know how or where to begin, we will share with you some suggestions. The most important thing is that you see your doctor to know what types of exercises are suitable for you and if there are any restrictions. If not, then go for it!

What you can do to avoid being sedentary

The gym can be your best ally as it has all of the tools, equipment, trained professionals and the motivation that you need to start exercising. Almost everyone loves the gym environment and wouldn’t give up their gym for anything. But whether you like it or not isn’t the problem, the problem is not doing anything.

However, it isn’t based on the gym you decide upon, the key lies in doing exercises that burn calories and working as many muscles as possible, also sweating and liberating your endorphins. Another excellent exercise is jogging, which has helped many people to quickly lose weight. The goal of running a marathon or 10KM is an excellent motivation.

But jogging can be bad on your joints, as after a long period of inactivity your body has become like a machine and will need time to adapt. For this reason, cycling and swimming can be excellent options. Cycling isn’t that hard on your ankles and no direct impact on your feet. If you live in a city or near to a park, these are both excellent locations to ride you bike around or even to work. Swimming is an excellent exercise for your body, as it won’t leave your body so exhausted and water resistance makes your exercise time count. At the same time, because there is no impact, there is less chance of injuring your knees and ankles.

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