How Cleopatra used aromatherapy to look beautiful

One of the most enigmatic characters of universal history is undoubtedly, Cleopatra. However, there is still much to know about her life, but several are the legends that attribute her success in the effort to restore the glory of her kingdom to its beauty and sexuality. This young, ambitious and intelligent Egyptian queen managed to become the center of attention of several monarchs of the time, such as the Roman Julius Caesar.

The beauty of Cleopatra has been a topic of discussion for women around the world; it is known that the queen used natural ingredients in her beauty regime with which she achieved surprising results. She knew how to use the plants and minerals of the region to enhance its natural charm.

Scholars of Egyptian history have found in ancient papyri and engravings, valuable information about the cosmetics and preparation techniques used. Several remains of containers and jars have been found and analyzed to find remains of ingredients used in the time of Cleopatra.

aromatherapy oils

The found has revealed a sophisticated technique practiced in Egypt to extract oil from flowers, this technique uses a layer of vegetable fat that absorbs the essence of aromatic flowers, then dissolves in alcohol and the result is used in cosmetics and beauty articles and dressing table.

From these studies, it can be concluded that aromatherapy played a key role in the beauty of Cleopatra who managed to become a legend of the glamor of Egypt. She had a clear understanding of the different essential oils and knew how to combine them for different aesthetic purposes such as cleaning the skin and removing the excess fat.

Believe it or not, these products aren’t expensive today. Some of the essential oils used at the time are:

Basil: According to the findings the basil leaves were used to extract their oil and use it in cosmetics, the basil oil worked as an antimicrobial and preservative, ideal to keep the skin free of acne.

Black cumin seed: The oil obtained from these seeds was used to stimulate hair growth, as well as to condition it.

Fenugreek: In Egypt this herb was probably one of the secrets of the eternal youth of Queen Cleopatra. It was even believed that the oil of this herb known as Helba, transformed older women into beautiful young women. It was also used to rejuvenate the skin and rid it of stains.

Geranium: The ancients had a clear idea that exposure to the sun’s rays was harmful to the skin; the oil extracted from the geranium petals was used for sun care and to heal skin irritations. This essential oil also serves as an ingredient to treat oily hair and dandruff.

Moringa: The Moringa essential oil plant may have been the secret of Cleopatra to repair wrinkles of the skin, this oil used together with cypress and juice of some plants was used to obtain a smooth skin without wrinkles.

Neroli: The Neroli provides an essential oil from its leaves with aphrodisiac properties that raise the mood, it is known that Cleopatra soaked the sails of their boats in this oil when making long trips to the Roman Empire. It also relieves itchy skin and is an excellent deodorant.

Rosa: Commonly known as the queen of flowers in Egypt, rose essential oil was used in the care of the skin, it is known that she used to bath with rose petals and milk and this technique is used until today in several centers of skin care.

Added to all the benefits to beauty, these oils manage to improve general well-being, lift the mood and increase mental clarity, something that Cleopatra also highlighted.

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