Express summer makeup: 5 looks

summer makeup

In summer everything has a different rhythm. The slow rhythm of wanting to rest more, walk more, read more… But there is also the opposite rhythm with which we intend to take advantage of dinners, barbecues, night parties and pilgrimages. Those events you don’t want to miss for the world.

The point is that rest and slow pace don’t get along with the thousand and one plans we want to go to beautifully.

When we only have half an hour to get by after a quiet day at the pool, time is money.

That’s why we’re going to see 5 easy, fast and trendy summer make-up looks that will help you look good in a few minutes.

Natural Summer Make-Up

This year we are in luck because natural make-up is a trend. We look for the beautiful skin effect without looking like we are wearing make-up.

You need very few products to make this look super easy.

Look for a very light foundation that matches your skin tone without giving too much coverage, a little blush and mascara to enlarge the look. You can add eye shadow in brown tones but it is not necessary. Ready in five minutes.

Trends: Blue Eyes

One of the trends in makeup this summer is blue eyes.

You can choose between two options: to outline them both top and bottom in this color or to apply blue shade.

If you’re looking for a very fast makeup, bet on eyeliner because it’s easier.

To perfect your makeup, apply a very light base, a little blush, and mascara. If you want to achieve a high-impact look, dare to make your lips red.

Summer Eye Makeup

When we do our eye make-up we usually use shadows, but if you want to be ready in less time this summer, I recommend that you choose the eyeliner to get a cat look.

It’s faster and more natural.

For the rest of your skin, choose a bb cream that will add a little colour to your face and don’t forget your mascara. By the way, you’ll have to practice a lot until you get the perfect line in no time.

Summer Lipstick

Well painted lips dress up on their own and are one of the easiest ways to sophisticate your look in one step.

Orange is the new red of lips. If you want to twist the typical red lip makeup look, this is your color.

Accompany your orange lipstick with sun powder and mascara, ready!

Strawberry Mouth

As in the previous summer’s makeup, the pink lipstick instantly changes the light on your face and makes it more sophisticated.

It’s a more natural way to get a dressed up look that will help you take an afternoon stroll or go to a party in the evening. Add a little rouge and you’ll get a good look.

These 5 summer make-ups are perfect for getting ready in a few minutes and spending the rest of your time doing what you like best. And the result is natural and lightly charged, perfect for the hot months.

Which would you choose if you had an important date in the summer and hardly any time to put on makeup?

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