Diamonds are not only Women’s best friends…

They Can Also Be the Best Cover Your Abs Can Have!

As the saying goes “You should give a diamond to your woman before an adventurer will do it…” makes a lot of sense if was not to be displayed over such a muscle enhanced surface. Forget rings and necklaces, any six packs can be taken to another level when pampered with diamonds.

That was the idea behind the decision by a dentist turned artist, Sara Shakeel whose dedication and love for diamonds created a new way to appreciate muscles. She has enlisted the help of a well know body builder and cross fit athlete, Jamie Greene, to turn her incredible abdominal muscles into an art form.

diamonds in abs

They were both amazed with the results and response from their followers on Instagram and other social media. Sara managed to painstakingly place a series of diamonds over every cluster of Jamie abs muscles. The stones were glued and disposed the same way they would be in a piece of jewelry.

This is not the first time Sara has created a new concept in art over women’s body; she has stirred some comments when used glitter over stretch marks. She composes fun scenarios in photos, where they can be fun, sensual, elegant, scary, political, but surely and undisputed beautiful.

On her own words, Sara emphasizes that her work empowers women and gives them a sense of pride and joy. Who would have thought of exposing the beauty of stretch marks or a sexy well defined female muscles forming a perfect six packs any men would do anything to get it? Jamie Greene did it with perfection.

Sara says also that bright colors, diamonds and precious stones over any surface would indeed bring more light to what is already wonderful in any woman. It is about giving them a boost on self-esteem and confidence, enriching every aspect of a female body. Either as a political or social statement, this is like compounding what is already pretty.

#glitterabs anyone? ??? . Oh this collaboration with @reebokwomen @reebok was a dream come true! See, just a year ago I was a simple girl who wanted to be a Dentist.Failing my exams and gaining around 20kgs , things looking a little dim , Little did I know God had plans of giving me the gift of art which truly would not only heal me but all women from different backgrounds of all shapes and sizes! Last year with the #glitterstretchmarks series I made so many women out there feel good about their stripes, this year I got a chance to create art for the SUPER SUPER STRONG women ! It is sad how women are labelled all their lives, being told what’s beautiful and what’s not! This gets to us on many levels leaving us vulnerable , and insecure of our very own selves! I got a chance to collaborate with @reebok on this mission of creating artwork out of strong ?? bold women , turning their mighty #abs into #crystals & #diamonds with a pinch of glitter !!’ Oh this process was beautiful! Travelling, meeting new people and I’d be honest it was my first time meeting a woman so perfectly fine in every way possible! Mentally & physically! @jgreenewod !!! I hope this artwork with @reebokwomen and the vision of @maureenqqq & @mauranv (who made this all happen) could be a source of inspiration for women who want to build up their bodies or want to be a CrossFit athlete! ( it has moved me on a personal level you can see my gym stories every now and then) These changes are beautiful! Embrace them and in a Parallel universe out there along with stretchmarks, #abs are made of glitter & diamonds aswell ! ? . #art #bodypositive #bodybuilding #bodypositivity #bodygoals #workout #vision #onelove #love #lovemyjob #crystals #glitter #glitters #glamour #instagram #beauty #athlete #reebok #crossfit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #buzzfeed #news #theweekoninstagram #sixpack #timesup

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Sara is actually changing the world as an individual, which values creativity and personal expression much more, especially for women. Women should praise and express gratitude for their color skin, body limitations and any other feature they might feel inadequate. Beauty is to be the shining light upon any female existence on this planet.

Her mission goes beyond applying diamonds or glitter to images of women with stretch marks, vitiligo, crying or in any other situation that for many should be hidden. Each photo may have the power to heal a part of someone, hoping that could also heal a part of many women around the world.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to humankind would be to restore that passion over their own self. Nobody is intrinsically ugly or beautiful; they are just the expression of their inner self, bright, shining and confident. Sara’s work touches on deep levels to bring that to every woman.

Our body is more precious than we can imagine, however not all of us know that. We women are conditioned to refuse everything that does not fit into popular beauty patters, such as huge muscles and other marks, for example. They may be considered exaggerated and are mistakenly associated with weight gain or over work at the gym.

Next time you work out on your muscles, eliminating excess fat and getting abs muscles a lot leaner; consider having diamonds to define your six packs. Engage Sara’s creativity and help change the way women may feel about their own bodies. Always remember that, whatever is there is part of a much larger expression of who you truly are.

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