Best shapewear advice EVER! Stop making these common mistakes today!

Shapewear has changed the way we embrace our bodies and clothes, allowing us to smooth out, perk up and whittle away those little lumps and bumps. Here is everything you need to know about how to choose the best shapewear by avoiding some common mistakes that are giving body wear a bad rap.

We guarantee once you discover how to find the best shapewear and avoid these common mistakes you will fall in love with your shapewear all over again. Here is everything you need to know about how to prevent rolling up or riding up issues to visible panty lines.

We love shapewear and finding the best shapewear for tummy control can sincerely be considered to be one the best things in life. But to ensure your foundation wear experience is nothing less that perfect, make sure you take time to read the reviews before buying.

The best compression shapewear won’t only sculpt your body but it will help to sculpt your life, so choose wisely. Keep reading to see some of the most common mistakes and how you can make shapewear to be your best friend and not your foe.

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Best shapewear guide ever – Stop doing this now!

Help, my shapewear is rolling down!

If this has ever happened to you, we can imagine you swearing that you will never wear another pair of shapewear again. If you think you ordered the world’s best shapewear for tummy pooch only to be disappointed to see it roll down once you sit down or start dancing, you are not alone. This is actually the one most common complaint about shapewear.

Why does this happen? You ordered a size too small. Maybe you thought the smaller the better for fat squeezing power, but you are actually creating more problems. Take the time to read the size specifications and order the size for your actual body, not the size you wish you were. Just because it was voted the best shapewear 2018 doesn’t mean a size small will fit your size medium body.

Help, my girdle or bra is riding up!
Nothing can ruin your look more than a misplaced bra or girdle. Bras and griddles are meant to sculpt your God-given curves not deform them. Most women have literally no idea what their actual bra size is and are wearing bras or corsets that are either too big or too small.

Why does this happen? Often it is because you ordered a size too big and as you move, it will begin to ride up, giving you a funny shaped boob. As with all of the best shapewears, you really need to take time to find your correct size. Ordering bras and corsets online can be cheaper but go get measured for free at one of your local department stores.

Help, I have visible panty lines!
2018 is all about high waisted everything including one of the best shapewears ever invented – the high-waisted panty or short. But many styles can leave you with ugly, distasteful visible panty lines. Honestly, nothing screams frumpy mommy more than VPL.

How can you avoid this common mistake? Look for styles that are seamless but still provide some tummy-tucking control power.

Help, my pantyhose make my feet slide around in my shoes!
We love our hosiery! It is perfection in a tiny little bundle, sculpting your legs and smoothing out your tummy and thighs. Plus your clothes just seem to glide on your body, contouring your every curve but they do have one simple little problem. Our feet tend to slip and slide in our shoes.

How can you fix this? Some of the best shapewear hosiery comes with an invisible cushioned foot that prevents your feet from sliding around. If that doesn’t convince you, look for socks that line the inside of your shoe or boot. Actually, they help to lengthen your pantyhose lifespan.

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