5 effective tips for growing your eyelashes

the perfect eyelashes

If you’ve given up the habit of sleeping with your makeup, if you use the archer and the best masks but still, your eyelashes do not grow and look weak, follow these saving tips.

1-Massages with oil

Experts recommend using almond, olive or coconut oil to gently massage your eyelashes every day. After massaging, the excess should be removed.
Massaging the eyelids stimulates the growth of the eyelashes, although we must do so with great care as rubbing the eyes can cause dark circles under the eyes and spread an infection.

2 – Moisten them with green tea

Wet a cotton ball with green tea, place it on your eyelashes and let it rest for 5 minutes. Then rinse with water. This treatment must be done every day for 3 months.

Green tea has antioxidant properties that stimulate eyelash growth. It also has B vitamins that strengthen your follicles.

3-Comb them with Vaseline

To help growth and enhance the beauty of eyelashes, another good habit is to brush them carefully. With the help of a small brush, apply petroleum jelly to prevent it from entering your eyes. Then leave the ingredient on all night and rinse thoroughly in the morning.

This will give them shine and moisture.

4-Uses eyelash serum

In cosmetics, there is a serum formulated with bioengineered peptides, biotin and B vitamins, which is applied directly at the birth of the eyelashes and left to rest overnight.

The ingredients in the serum will promote healthy follicles and strengthen the eyelashes, as well as help reduce breakage. They say if you apply it daily, you’ll see results in 30 days.

5-Eat these foods

Eating a balanced and healthy diet and promoting foods rich in silicon, such as asparagus and pumpkin, will help our hair, both capillary and eyelash, grow faster and healthier.

Another food rich in silicon that we can incorporate into our diet is oats.

You have the options, it’s just a matter of putting them into practice and waiting to see the results. It is important to know that they are not immediate, you have to be patient and constant.

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