10 things every woman should have in her closet before you turn 30

When we are in our early twenties, we keep thinking that we have all the time in the world to finish our ideal job, dream apartment or that designer business suit, and so on!

But just because we are adults doesn’t mean we should keep dressing like we are in high school. There are a few essential items that we should have in our closet – by now!

Unlike those big dreams of having a big dream apartment or expensive designer suit, there are 11 items that are totally attainable, no matter how much you make a month. That will usher you to be “thirty and flirty and thriving” with style.

Your 20’s are about experimenting with love, style and finding the career you love. But these essential pieces will transform you from looking like an awkward teenager to a fashionable woman.


#1 A classic heel
Nothing is more classic and elegant than black stilettos. Find a pair of heels that your feet love and that make your legs look sculpted. Try keeping a pair under your work desk that you can slip into before a business lunch or power meeting for a little confidence boost.

#2 A good quality suit
No matter what field you are specializing in, a tailor made suit will be your favorite arsenal for work related meetings, interviews or just about anywhere that you need to look chic and professional. Opt for darker tones such as charcoal or black for a polished look and add a splash of personality with a brightly colored scarf.

#3 A timepiece
We are not taking about your fitness watch here, but a statement timepiece that will last a lifetime. A sophisticated watch sends out a message that you mean business. Avoid investing in the throwaway trendy items but get a classic timepiece that will stay in style for decades.

#4 An investment bag
Your closet should have at least one statement bag. Statement doesn’t mean spending $1000 + on a bag, but it should be worthy of the extra splurge. Stick to neutral colors such as beige, brown or black, this way you can combine it with every outfit and get the most use out of it.

#5 A killer little black dress
If you don’t have a little black dress by now, then you need to get one today – this is a must have for every woman’s wardrobe. By keeping all of your bases covered, when you head out to the club, a night out with the girls or to a trendy cocktail party.

#6 Tried and true skinny jeans
You should already have a favorite brand and style of denim jeans that fit your every curve perfectly. If you haven’t, then take the afternoon off and devote it to trying on skinny jeans until you find they pair your legs love more than you.

#7 A party shoe
A party shoe can add a quick dose of personality to any outfit, whether you are going out for drinks with friends, wearing a simple pair of jeans and white shirt or in your LBD.

#8 Shapewear
Yes, this will be your go-to under garment time and time again. Smoothing out your tummy and thighs so you look amazing without needing to sweat it out at the gym. Two must haves are a high-waisted panty-brief and a thong bodysuit.

#9 A badass leather jacket
All you need is one jacket that will look great with everything and the leather motto jacket will give you that extra edge to look confident and sexy.

#10 Go-to lip color
Even though this might not exactly be part of your wardrobe it will complete your ensemble or look every time. No matter shade you prefer, you should have discovered by now which shade of red looks best on your lips.

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