Don’t Get Scammed By Plumbers

This is kind of a sensitive subject and one that is not talked about too often.  There are a lot of great plumbers out there.  However there are also a lot of dishonest ones that will take you for a ride if you let them.  Just do a quick search for plumber scams and you will read all about the horror stories of people getting huge bills for things they didn’t count on.  So here are a few tips on how to vet a plumbing company before you hire them.


One of the first things that you should check is if they have any credible reviews.  These are not always easy to fake especially google and yelp reviews so if a company has a lot of them then theres a good chance that they are legit.  There are also sites like ripoff report to check.

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Get Referrals

One of the easiest ways that you can just avoid the problem in the first place is to just get a referral from a friend of family member for a reputable company.  This allows you to just skip the vetting process entirely as they will likely have experience with the company previously.  It really is easier than you think, almost every homeowner has at some point called in a plumber, unless they are a DIYer that is.

Do Your Research

This is easier said than done but if you just look online for some tips you should be able to find some stuff about how they will be doing that particular job.  One common thing that they will do is to bait and switch.  This is when they either say they will use one material and then switch it for something cheaper, or when they massively overcharge for materials that they shouldnt be.  Either way is wrong and must be stopped!