How to Discourage Your Dog From Running Away

Changes in environment, absence of masters, loud noises: various reasons can cause a dog to escape during the summer holidays. But rest assured, there are solutions to prevent this problem, and keep your dog from running away.

The shock collar

dog shock collarUnlike anti-barking collars, the anti shock collar has a rather good reputation among canine educators and trainers. Locking the dog between four walls to prevent him from running away, and making him unhappy, is certainly not a solution. This collar, combined with training from an early age, can then be of great help, provisionally at least. How does it work? Fixed to the collar of the dog, a transmitter is connected to an antenna wire, measuring quite a few meters. With this wire, you can control the perimeter in which your canine can move. If the dog goes beyond the limits, the transmitter will start ringing and vibrating, and a small electrostatic discharge will be sent to the dog if it continues to advance.

Training your dog

The best way to avoid runaway dogs is to educate him at an early age to obey and walk on a leash . The puppy should be made aware of the reasons why he should not go out alone.


A change of environment can be very disruptive for a dog. If he does not feel or no more at home, he will want to flee this hostile environment. If you have moved, or if you are on vacation in a different location, try to reassure your pet. Bring their favorite toys, her tin, their cushion. There are also products, such as pheromones that will make them feel more comfortable.

A Stronger Crate

We believe that prevention is one of your best bets to stop Fido from getting out.  Read some heavy duty dog crate reviews and get a product that is strong enough to hold the escape artist dog.

Thats it for our tips.  If you follow these to the tee then we are sure that you wont have any trouble with your canine from now on!