Getting wine stains out

Wine stains are always a massive pain in the ass. When my wife goes out drinking with her friends she always manages to spill a bunch of wine. Here’s some tips for what you can do about it.

You rub it well, the spots of red wine do not want to leave, and are well encrusted in the fabric of your favorite shirt. As for the carpet and wooden coffee table, they also got hit. We invite you to discover the best ways to say goodbye to red wine stains.

Red wine stains: what to avoid

Some accepted ideas push us to perform some dramatic actions when it comes to red wine stains. Depending on whether it is fabric or wood, you will not treat the stain in the same way. One of the most common mistakes regarding red wine is to use coarse salt. Indeed, the salt absorbs the liquid, but it also has the peculiarity of damaging the fabric. Heat is also pretty bad. Avoid touching the stain with hot water, and do not place red stained cloth in the machine without first removing it. Finally, so that the spot is no more than a memory, do not wait to take care of it. The sooner you act, the fewer traces you will have.

Cleaning fabric

The spots of red wine on a garment, a sofa or a carpet are unfortunately frequent. On a synthetic fabric, rub the red wine stain with cold water and black soap or, if you do not have the dishwashing liquid, then wash in a washing machine at high temp. For a cotton fabric, rub a soap without wetting the fabric before placing in a cold machine. Finally, on wool, soak in cold water until the stain is diluted. You know, because the water is pink. Then, you place the fabric in soapy water before rinsing it with clear water.


Last resort

If for some reason there is no way that you can get the stain out of the carpet or fabric then call in a real company that specializes in this sort of thing. This Montgomery AL carpet cleaner is highly recommended by all my friends out there.

How to Discourage Your Dog From Running Away

Changes in environment, absence of masters, loud noises: various reasons can cause a dog to escape during the summer holidays. But rest assured, there are solutions to prevent this problem, and keep your dog from running away.

The shock collar

dog shock collarUnlike anti-barking collars, the anti shock collar has a rather good reputation among canine educators and trainers. Locking the dog between four walls to prevent him from running away, and making him unhappy, is certainly not a solution. This collar, combined with training from an early age, can then be of great help, provisionally at least. How does it work? Fixed to the collar of the dog, a transmitter is connected to an antenna wire, measuring quite a few meters. With this wire, you can control the perimeter in which your canine can move. If the dog goes beyond the limits, the transmitter will start ringing and vibrating, and a small electrostatic discharge will be sent to the dog if it continues to advance.

Training your dog

The best way to avoid runaway dogs is to educate him at an early age to obey and walk on a leash . The puppy should be made aware of the reasons why he should not go out alone.


A change of environment can be very disruptive for a dog. If he does not feel or no more at home, he will want to flee this hostile environment. If you have moved, or if you are on vacation in a different location, try to reassure your pet. Bring their favorite toys, her tin, their cushion. There are also products, such as pheromones that will make them feel more comfortable.

A Stronger Crate

We believe that prevention is one of your best bets to stop Fido from getting out.  Read some heavy duty dog crate reviews and get a product that is strong enough to hold the escape artist dog.

Thats it for our tips.  If you follow these to the tee then we are sure that you wont have any trouble with your canine from now on!

Don’t Get Scammed By Plumbers

This is kind of a sensitive subject and one that is not talked about too often.  There are a lot of great plumbers out there.  However there are also a lot of dishonest ones that will take you for a ride if you let them.  Just do a quick search for plumber scams and you will read all about the horror stories of people getting huge bills for things they didn’t count on.  So here are a few tips on how to vet a plumbing company before you hire them.


One of the first things that you should check is if they have any credible reviews.  These are not always easy to fake especially google and yelp reviews so if a company has a lot of them then theres a good chance that they are legit.  There are also sites like ripoff report to check.

plumbing service

Get Referrals

One of the easiest ways that you can just avoid the problem in the first place is to just get a referral from a friend of family member for a reputable company.  This allows you to just skip the vetting process entirely as they will likely have experience with the company previously.  It really is easier than you think, almost every homeowner has at some point called in a plumber, unless they are a DIYer that is.

Do Your Research

This is easier said than done but if you just look online for some tips you should be able to find some stuff about how they will be doing that particular job.  One common thing that they will do is to bait and switch.  This is when they either say they will use one material and then switch it for something cheaper, or when they massively overcharge for materials that they shouldnt be.  Either way is wrong and must be stopped!


Some carpet cleaning advice

There comes a time in everyones life when they screw up and stain the carpet so badly that they cant get the stain out.  Theres no need to worry as there are a few tips that you can use to get out those tough stains.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to rub stains. This will only make it worse! What you want to do instead is to gently blot them.  This will make it less likely for the stain to spread which would be quite bad.


As for what substances you can use to get the carpet clean, well there are a few. One common household item is good old club soda. Club soda is very effective against wine and beer stains. First soak a cloth or paper towel in it and then gently blot it into the stain. Repeat as necessary and then rinse it with warm water and dry it with a dry cloth.

Another very common problem for people to have with their carpet is to drop some gum on it.  This can be a huge pain to get out but with a simple trick you can have your carpet looking like new again. All you have to do is take an ice cube and put it on the gum for 30 seconds.  Then simply cut the carpet that is caught in the gum to get it out.

Hydrogen peroxide is another chemical that works miracles.  It mainly works for tough stains like blood. It will destroy blood stains almost instantly. Pretty self explanatory how to use it, just dab at the stain with the soaked cloth until it comes clean.

Professional Help

If you find that you have tried all the above and still cant get the carpet clean then it may be time for some carpet cleaning services.  Sometimes hiring a company is the best solution as they have the proper tools and expertise to get the job done right.